NYSC: Universities’ errors knock out UI, UNN graduates from orientation camp


There have been some inability of graduates of the University of Ibadan, and the University of Nigeria Nsukka to register and participate in the ongoing National Youth Service Corps orientation and swearing-in ceremony, which took place on Tuesday.

Mrs Bola Oluyimika’s daughter, Ana, who is a graduate of the University of Ibadan left Ojota Park, Lagos State for Kabba in Kogi State on November 2, 2022, to participate in the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps.

Unfortunately, as of now, she has not been able to register at the Kogi State Orientation Camp located in Kabba nor could she participate in the swearing-in ceremony which took place on Tuesday.

Investigations revealed that NYSC officials had for some years appealed to the over 300 institutions in Nigeria to ensure the arrangement of their Prospective Corps Members’ data, including date of graduation tallies with the NYSC’s certificate style of date alignment.

Last week Thursday, Abiodun, another graduand of the University of Ibadan was in high hopes when he left Ogun State to observe the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps in Delta State.

He imagined himself in the NYSC kit also called ‘ajuwire’,  marching and participating in the paramilitary exercises in his platoon.

Being a sporty young man, Abiodun planned to ensure he was among the corps members who would march at the swearing-in ceremony in Delta State Orientation Camp.

His journey to the Delta State Camp was hitch-free, but his dilemma started immediately he got to the registration unit at the NYSC orientation camp.

At the registration unit, he was told that due to the wrong arrangement of the date of graduation on the University of Ibadan’s certificate, he would not be allowed to participate in the compulsory two-week orientation.