#occupytollgate: MrMacaroni narrates his ordeal


Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni who was among those arrested at the Lekki Tollgate on Saturday, February 13, released a video saying they were beaten and dehumanised by the Nigerian police.

It was gathered that the comedian was arrested alongside 39 other #occupytollgate protesters.

He said he has bruises all over his body and was heading to the hospital to check himself. He also said both of his phones were smashed.

Macaroni, who has since been released and is back home described his experience as traumatic.
He said: “I’m going to the hospital for a complete check. I have bruises all over. Them beat me, them beat me well, them say I go get sense.”

While calling out the government for their action towards protesters, he said:

“The government is responsible for protection. So, let me ask, you had over 200 policemen out there yesterday, and you want to tell me you could not guarantee a peaceful protest if there was going to be one? It shows that you guys are irresponsible, all of you are irresponsible.”

He added that he’s certain the police would have killed protesters if word hadn’t already gotten out that they had arrested some people and were detaining them.

“If word was not out that people were already being arrested, If word was not out, people would have died clean and clear.

“They were saying it, they were telling us that ‘we’ll shoot you, nothing will happen. If it was night all of una for don die,” he disclosed.

He denied allegations that he collected money from the opposition to speak against this government. He went on to curse those making the allegations.

He also thanked the lawyers and everyone who played a part in getting him released and said he’ll speak further after getting medical attention.