Ondo State Election: EU Dissuades Youths From Selling Votes


An election observer, European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) has dissuaded youths from selling their votes in order to prevent them from selling off their future.

ECES held a two-day programme in partnership with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for eligible young female voters in the state.

The programme which was titled: “Awareness Creation for Young Female Voters Toward 2020 Governorship Election in Ondo State,” was anchored by the Senior Project Officer of ECES, Dr Sylvestre Somo.

Somo emphasized that it was important that the youth should not sell off their votes and conscience in the upcoming October 10, governorship election.


Somo described it as imperative for all the youths to participate in the upcoming governorship election, “especially those who have attained the age of 18 years in Ondo State”.

“You need to avoid the temptation of selling your votes because if you sell your votes today, you have sold your future for tomorrow, which is not a wise thing to do.

“So, you must come out to cast your votes. It is not even enough to just come out, you also need to come out and vote wisely to choose the candidate of your choice.

“The youth need to come out and vote. You are not going to gain anything if you fail to discharge your electoral rights; rather, you have everything to lose if you don’t vote.

“You should be very clear about what you want from voting. As young people, you desire employment, good education and good things in life, ” he said.

The ECES project officer, therefore, urged the youth to shun violence and embrace peace before, during and after the election in the state.

“You as youth must avoid violence, it doesn’t help, and it destroys the electoral process, it leads to loss of human life and damage of property.

“So, it is not a wise thing. We should see the election not as a war but as a celebration of peace,” he explained.