Only one of seven COVID-19 cases are being detected in Africa – WHO


The World Health Organisation has revealed that there are problems with mechanisms to detect coronavirus in Africa.

According to WHO’s report, ‘Our analysis indicated that only one in seven cases are being detected, which means that the real burden of Covid-19 in Africa would be around 59 million cases.

‘Only 67 million Africans have been fully vaccinated, so it is equivalent to only 4.9% of continent’s population. Hundreds of millions of people are still under vulnerability situation ahead of a serious disease and death.

It noted that it is necessary ‘to move from passive to active surveillance by working with communities,’ as it is already considering hollidays for New Years´ Eve, a date on which citizens usually meet and iturn a deaf ear on sanitary measures.

Meanwhile, WHO asked rich countries to contribute to Covid-19 vaccines for African people.