Outrage as mother-of-five gets beaten to death by her husband over a loaf of bread


A lady identified as Ogochukwu Anene aka Ada Akwa has passed on after being assaulted by her husband in Awka, Anambra State

According to reports, the deceased was married to Ndubisi Wilson Uwadiegwu and their marriage had been one ladened with domestic vaolence.

It is reported that the couple are blessed with five children, 4 boys and a girl. Narrating the latest incident that led to her death, the first son, 14, said that Ndubuisi used a mirror as an instrument to beat his wife.

He noted that his mother had asked the suspect for money to buy a loaf of bread for them to eat but was met with rejection as he claimed he didn’t have a dime on him. She used her money to buy the bread and her husband went to the kitchen to finish the whole loaf of bread.

This got Ogochukwu infuriated and she proceeded to ask him why he ate the loaf of bread without remaining for the kids. He got rankled by her inquiry and unleashed horror on her. He beat her black and blue which led to her demise.

It is reported that the audacious suspect is planning to bury his wife without informing his in-laws hence sparking social media outrage.