Pregnancy doesn’t keep a marriage, it threatens it – Businessman, Wale Jana Asserts


Wale Jana, a Nigerian businessman opined that pregnancy does not keeps a marriage but threatens its existence.

Wale, who is married with kids, said this in reaction to a couple who were seeking divorce but called it off after the man impregnated his wife during lockdown.

He stated:

“Sorry to burst your bubble this morning but pregnancy doesn’t keep a marriage it actually threatens marriage and may even worsen the situation. Your marriage will never be the same when children come. Your stress level increases, more money is needed and if there is no one to help or you don’t have a supportive spouse you will be totally frustrated. For women who think the best way to keep a man is to get pregnant, you are going to play yourself because you are about to be extremely frustrated.

“In many marriages the attraction begins to wear off when she gets pregnant, that very beautiful woman suddenly has a big nose, she begins to gain weight she may never lose, her breasts begin to sag and she just loses her glow and may never get it back if she doesn’t have a supportive husband. Never ever get pregnant for a man you are not sure of, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

“Please share so that others can be blessed as you are blessed.”