Resident Doctors Suspend 5-Day Warning Strike


In a significant development, the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has decided to suspend its five-day nationwide warning strike, bringing relief to the healthcare sector.

Dr. Emeka Orji, the National President of the Association, confirmed the news, stating that doctors will resume work at 8 am on Monday in all Federal and State Teaching Hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities where resident doctors are trained.

Dr. Orji also revealed that the progress made by the association in addressing their demands will be thoroughly reviewed during their General Meeting on June 2, 2023. It is during this meeting that the next course of action will be determined.

He emphasized, “Strike has been suspended, and work resumes at 8 am tomorrow. Progress made will be reviewed on June 2, 2023, during our General Meeting where the next line of action will be decided.”

The warning strike, initiated by the doctors under the umbrella of NARD, commenced last Wednesday in public health facilities across the country.

The doctors have been advocating for various demands, including the urgent recruitment of clinical staff in hospitals, the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles hindering the prompt replacement of departing doctors and nurses, immediate infrastructural development in public hospitals, allocation of at least 15 percent of the budgetary provisions to the health sector in accordance with the Abuja declaration of 2001, and a substantial increase of 200 percent in the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) for doctors.

The suspension of the warning strike brings a temporary respite to the healthcare system, allowing doctors to resume their critical duties and provide necessary medical care to patients.

The NARD remains committed to fighting for their demands and will closely evaluate the progress made during their upcoming General Meeting