Rwanda FDA confirms absence of medicine linked to child deaths in Cameroon


The medicine linked to the deaths of children in Cameroon never entered the Rwandan market, according to a statement by the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

The statement addresses reports of a cough syrup called NATURCOLD, manufactured by Fraken in India, which is suspected of causing the deaths of 12 children in Cameroon.

The suspected cough syrup contains Paracetamol, Phenylephrine Chlorhydrate, and Chlorpheniramine Maleate.

The specific batch mentioned is Batch No: E22053, with a manufacturing date of March-2022 and an expiry date of February-2025. Tragically, the children who used the suspected cough syrup experienced renal dysfunction followed by death.

In response to this alert, the Rwanda FDA conducted a thorough investigation and issued important information to the general public.

The Rwanda FDA checked its import system and confirmed that the incriminated products never entered the Rwandan market.

Furthermore, the products from the mentioned manufacturer are not on the lists of registered or authorized medicines in Rwanda.

Importers of pharmaceutical products in the country were strongly urged not to import this syrup and are reminded to strictly adhere to quality and safety requirements as per the regulations set by the Rwanda FDA when importing products.