Rwandan Govt Suspends Kenyan Drug Due To Safety Concerns


Rwandan health authorities have suspended the antifungal tablets manufactured in Kenya due to safety concerns.

The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority (RFDA) has directed importers to return all batches of 200mg Fluconazole tablets manufactured by the Kenyan company, Universal Corporation.

Retailers and health facilities in the country have been instructed to cease distribution and return the affected drugs.

The RFDA’s action comes after notifying the Kenyan manufacturer about discolouration in the tablets. Four bulk batches of pink Fluconazole 200mg tablets, imported into Rwanda, exhibited white discolouration shortly after their shelf life began.

The agency emphasized that some of these discoloured tablets had already entered the Rwandan market.

Health officials in Rwanda are launching an investigation to determine whether these drugs have had any adverse effects on consumers.

Meanwhile, Kenyan authorities have not yet announced whether the antifungal drug, commonly used to treat fungal or yeast infections, will also be recalled from the local market.