Saba Saba rallies: Ndiritu accuses State of misusing police service


Former Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi has accused the Kenya Kwanza government of misusing the police service.

On Sunday, he said the state is misusing the police to intimidate and harass Kenyans.

“The State is trying to misuse the Police Service to harass and intimidate Kenyans contrary to the constitution. Many police officers can privately tell you they believe they are being given illegal orders,” Muriithi added.

During an interview at K24, the legislature added that the police are also suffering and experiencing a high cost of living, just like other Kenyans.

“The police officer has no special bread that is cheaper. They also don’t have a special matatu that is cheaper,” Muriithi said.

Police have been put on the spot in relation to last Friday’s Saba Saba protests where they used teargas in an attempt to disperse crowds of thousands of opposition protesters in various places across the country.

The demos were witnessed in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kisii, Kakamega, Kirinyaga, Machakos and Nyahururu.

Protesters clashed with the police in Kisii and Mombasa, where demonstrators blocked several roads and protested against the high cost of living.

On Saturday, one woman succumbed to bullet injuries she sustained during the Saba Saba protests in Kisii Town.

Four others are nursing wounds in hospital following the protests that turned chaotic as police faced the protesters in various parts of the town

This increased to five, the number of people killed during the protests in the country.

The other deaths were reported in Kisumu and Migori counties and have all been linked to police.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority says they are investigating the shooting and many others that were reported.