SCANDAL: Authorities Arrests Zimbabwe Minister Over COVID-19 Kits (Read Up)


Zimbabwe’s Anti-graft Commission have arrested the country’s health minister, Obadiah Moyo on Friday night and has charged him with corruption related to the irregular awarding of a big contract to a new Dubai-based company for Coronavirus testing and protective kits.

The 66-year-old minister was charged over the weekend following investigations brought by the commission accusing him of criminal abuse of office in connection with the multi-million-dollar contract, media reports reveal.

A magistrates’ court required him to pay bail of just ZW$50,000 ($2,000). The minister is currently faced with three charges of abuse of office, two of which date back to last year for the supply of general medical equipment to public hospitals.

He was not asked to enter a plea but ordered to return to court on July 31.

In the latest case, he is accused of trying to coerce the treasury to pay for 15,000 coronavirus test kits that were being held at the airport.