Sea & Ports complete the acquisition of NAL Maroc


Following approval by the Competition Council of Morocco, Sea & Ports has recently finalized the acquisition of 100% of the NAL Maroc Maritime Agency, of which it acquired a portion in 2022.

The agency’s main activity revolves around representing the South Korean shipping company, HMM, in Morocco.

Already serving as the exclusive representative of HMM in Spain, Portugal, and more recently in Algeria and Tunisia after the nomination earlier this year, the complete acquisition of NAL Maroc, headquartered in Casablanca with presence in Tangier and Agadir, and representing HMM since 2021, marks a continuation of the Sea & Ports Group’s strategy in recent decades to increase its presence in the African continent and further establish itself as a significant player in the traffic through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The General Manager, Raed N. De Las Casas, states that “the acquisition of NAL is part of the Group’s strategy and mission to have a broader and more active presence in Africa and its main ports, offering high-quality services based on our Group’s values to our clients and the Moroccan society.” He also adds that “with our presence in Morocco, we now embark on a very exciting journey with many challenges, and we are delighted to start this new phase by providing unique value to our customers and expanding our portfolio with new services and business lines in the maritime, transportation, and logistics sectors.”

In addition to supporting HMM and increasing its market share in international trade, the Group’s new agency has also become the representative in the African country for Marguisa Shipping Lines, a maritime line within the Sea & Ports Group.

This move further enhances the Group’s presence in Moroccan trade with West Africa, achieving the dual objective of optimizing services and increasing profits.