Security Provides Details About ADF Commander Behind Saturday’s Twin Blasts In Uganda


Security agency in Uganda has provided more details about the ADF commander who was behind Saturday’s twin blasts in Kampala and Wakiso.

The two blasts went off simultaneously at Kikubamutwe in Kabalagala and another in Nabweru in Nansana Municipality.

“The IED that exploded in Nabweru was allegedly brought by two young men yesterday after hiring that house for three months and left a bag in the room where the explosion took place. The IED that exploded in Kabalagala was left at a veranda of a house in a busy street,” Col Deo Akiiki said on Sunday.

According to the deputy defence spokesperson, Habib Sulaiman, known as Kinana, was the ADF commander responsible for the blasts.

“He is a field commander who is always assigned tasks of a bomb explosion in Uganda. He has so far attempted three times to try and kill innocent Ugandans three times,” Col Akiiki said.

Col Akiiki said Kinana was also behind the bomb intercepted at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral earlier this year and others recovered at Mabiito in Nateete and one recovered at a church in Butambala.

The deputy defence spokesperson said the ADF commander was also behind the blast in Kabalagala and another in Nansana.

“His main targets are big gatherings, churches, bars and schools.”

The developments come at a time when Uganda has intensified its fight against ADF rebels inside DRC where they had camped.

Under Operation Shuja, jointly with the Congolese army, the UPDF has bombed several ADF camps prompting the fighters to flee their hideouts.

President Museveni recently warned that due to heavy bombardment, ADF fighters are now in disarray and many of them are trying to cross back into Uganda.

He warned that these small groups of fighters are dangerous and could carry out attacks.

He asked Ugandans to be alert and report suspicious individuals in their localities.