Senate grieves the Killing Of 120 Nigerians at Sokoto Market


The Senate reportedly held a minute silence to mourn the killing of over 120 Nigerians by bandits at Gorony market in Sokoto State.

Lawmaker representing, Sokoto East, Senator Ibrahim Gobir, had drawn the attention of the upper chamber to the incident through a point of order during the start of plenary.

According to the lawmaker, the massacre of the victims by bandits occurred on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

“On Sunday, 17th October, 2021, Gorony market was attacked, and about 120 plus people killed.

“The terrorists came to the market and started shooting every person they saw in the market,” Gobir stated.

He disclosed that in seven villages within some local government areas of the state, residents are compelled by bandits to pay levies between N1 million and N20 million.

The lawmaker lamented that failure to meet the demand imposed by the bandits in the affected areas had severally led to the killing of the villagers.

He further disclosed that the failure of the military to come to the rescue of the villagers has emboldened the terrorists to install their own representatives as villages heads in some areas of Sabon-Girin Local Government.

“The terrorists are now installing their village heads in some areas of Sabin-Girin local government.

“In Gangara, they replaced the village head with Dan Bakkolo, the next in command to a known terrorists called Turji.

“In Makwaruwa, they installed Dan Karami (a terrorist) as Maigari”, Senator Gobir revealed.