Skyrocketing Prices of Tomatoes and Peppers Plunge Nigerians into Economic Hardship


In a devastating blow to the already struggling Nigerian population, the cost of tomatoes and peppers has surged dramatically in major markets across Lagos State, exacerbating the economic hardships faced by ordinary citizens.

The once affordable basket of tomatoes now commands an astonishing price tag ranging from N90,000 to N100,000, soaring from its previous cost of N20,000.

Similarly, the smaller basket of peppers, popularly known as “Rodo,” has witnessed an alarming surge, with prices skyrocketing to between N40,000 and N45,000 from its previous range of N12,000 to N15,000, contingent on freshness.

As a consequence of the currency’s devaluation, many sellers have suspended the sale of these commodities due to the sharp increase in prices.

Mrs. Saliu bemoaned the fact that the same N50,000 that used to enable her to purchase two baskets of tomatoes and one basket of pepper now only affords her a single basket of tomatoes.

Market surveys conducted at Oguntade and Bammeke markets unveiled a stark reality, with vendors displaying four small tomato pieces for N200, while five larger ones demanded a hefty sum of N500.

Aliyu earnestly appealed to the federal government for assistance, urging them to provide farmers with soft loans to procure essential chemicals to combat the pests and prevent further ruin of agricultural produce.