Soldier Arrested Over Book Alleging Military Rights Abuses On Civilians In Mali


A colonel in Mali’s army, Col Alpha Yaya Sangaré has been arrested over his recently released book, which contained allegations that the army has committed human rights abuses against civilians.

In the 400-page book titled Mali: The Challenge of Terrorism in Africa, Col Alpha Yaya Sangaré, citing human rights groups, wrote: “Since 2016, the FDS [Defence and Security Forces] have engaged in abuses against people accused to be part of terrorist groups”.

He added that army personnel committed the abuses “with the complicity of the military hierarchy”.

Mr Sangare was arrested late on Saturday, but the arrest was confirmed by his family on Sunday.

Mali’s defence ministry had last Friday denounced the allegations published in the book, terming them “false”.

Several international rights groups have accused Malian troops of abusing and executing civilians in their fight against Islamist insurgents.