Soldier assaults and strips Lady Naked for ”Indecent Dressing”


A clip was released on the internet which showed a soldier who was physically assaulting a lady and thereafter stripped her naked because she was indecently dressed.

The incident was said to have occurred at about 9:46am on Saturday, December 5, at Oju-Ore, Sango Ota, Ogun State.

It was gathered that the woman was trekking, wearing a pair of shorts and white knitted coverup when a soldier inside a commercial bus saw her, alighted, and attacked her for the way she was dressed.

In the video which was released online, the woman is seen bending at the knee, seemingly pleading with him as he drags her cover-up off her body.

According to eyewitness, he was said to have slapped her and pulled her by her braids.

Passersby got involved and pleaded on her behalf when he attempted to remove the woman’s bra and he only freed her after pleas from multiple people.

Meanwhile, this comes a month after a soldier was filmed flogging a woman for dressing “indecently” in Beere, Ibadan.