Somali Woman, Nadia Mohamed, Elected As Mayor In Minnesota


First Somali woman Nadia Mohamed has been elected as mayor of St. Louis Park in Minnesota, USA.

Mohamed’s elected as a mayor makes her the city’s first Black mayor in 170 years, the first Somali American mayor in Minnesota, and the second known Somali mayor in U.S. history.

She received 58% of the vote against Dale A: Anderson, a retired banker.

“As mayor, I want to make sure people see themselves reflected in our policies”, she declared

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is that to do the job of mayor, you have to love people, love solving problems and believe in the people in your community to do good things. Council member Mohamed and I agree on this,” said Jake Spano, former mayor.

Her family emigrated to Kenya after the Somali Civil War and she lived in the Kakuma refugee camp until she was 10 years old.

Then she immigrated to St. Louis Park and grew up in the St. Louis Park School District.

In 2020, Nadia Mohamed took office on the City Council at just 23 years old, making her the youngest person to ever serve on the St. Louis Park City Council.

The city’s population is 80% white. The new mayor focused her campaign on increasing homeownership and community policing.

Nadia Mohamed is close to another prominent Somali American elected official, State Senator Zaynab Mohamed, who praised Nadia Mohamed, saying they have been best friends since sixth grade. Zaynab Mohamed was among the first Black women elected to the State Senate in 2022.