Somalia Govt Rejects Ethiopia-Somaliland Port Agreement


The Somalian government has rejected the agreement signed on Monday between the Ethiopian government and its breakaway region of Somaliland, saying the agreement is a “clear violation” of its “sovereignty, freedom and unity”.

The rejection by the Somalia government follows an emergency cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

The East African country said the pact has no legal validity and would endanger regional stability.

Mogadishu also summoned its ambassador to Ethiopia.

It would be recalled that the port agreement signed on Monday between Ethiopia and Somaliland would recognise the region as an independent nation in due course.

The country, however called on the international community to offer its support and has appealed to the United Nations, African Union, the Arab League and regional East African grouping IGAD among others to stand with Somalia.

The deal comes only days after Somalia and Somaliland had agreed to restart dialogue, following talks last week mediated by Djibouti.

Since declaring autonomy from Somalia in 1991, Somaliland has failed to received international recognition. Somalia continues to lay claim to the region.