Somaliland House of Representatives elects new chairman


The House of Representatives of Somaliland has elected a new chairman on Sunday. Yasin Haji Mohamud, 76, from the Sool region was elected to the position.

The election was contested by Mohamud and Mohamed Khadar Dahir from the Awdal region. Mohamud received 46 votes, while Dahir received 35 votes.

Mohamud is a member of the Kulmiye party and has been in Somaliland politics for a number of years. He served as a minister and was also the first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives.

The election of Mohamud as chairman is seen as a victory for the Kulmiye party. The party is currently in power in Somaliland and the election of Mohamud is likely to strengthen its position.

The community of Sool and Ayn has stated that the election of Mohamud does not change their issues of unity and self-determination in their areas.