Son of Former Nigerian Minister, Ali Monguno Urges People to Drink Camel Unrine.


Rahma Monguno, the son of a former minister in Nigeria and Borno politician, Shettima Ali Monguno has reportedly encouraged people to drink camel urine, drink the milk and eat the meat for health benefits.

This was shared by one Ahmed Umar Bolori, who also uploaded a photo of the Kanuri-British Rahma Monguno drinking camel urine in Borno.

Bolori states:

“Meet Kanuri-British Rahma Monguno, he drinks and encourages the ‘sipping’ of Camel Urine and drinking of the Milk and eating the meat for health benefits. He however caution people to first seek medical advice. One man’s meat is another’s poison. I’ve tried the urine twice but the milk and meat severally along with Rahma.”

Monguno further claimed that camel urine is good for heart and liver issues.

“There are warnings attached to science, just as in most edibles. The ones we attain here, are from healthy animals that are migratory, so during the dry season, the milk is available as is the urine, all fresh. It lasts for about 3_4 months a year, before the herds move out again for grazing. It’s good for heart and liver issues, and more, but please do research on the internet, there are conflicting issues.” said Monguno.