Son reveals desires to sleep with his mother


A Nigerian man is trending, after he anonymously revealed that he desires to have sex with his biological mother.

According to the post by the man, he describes himself as a 23-year-old, who desires to have sex with his mother. He stated that he has nursed the thought for almost 6 years now.

The man mentioned that his father is late, and his mom has been everything to him ever since. Furthermore, he states that every time he looks at his mom, he feels a wave of lust.

He concludes by admitting that he might not be able to “hold on for long.”

He wrote:

“I’m a 23 year old guy and I’ve had this desire to fuck my Mom for almost 6 years. My Dad is late and she’s been everything to me.
Every time I look upon her, this huge wave of lust comes on me. I doubt I will be able to hold on for long.”