South Africa should step up COVID-19 vaccinations – President Ramaphosa


South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa stated that the country should step up COVID-19 vaccinations, urging members of his governing African National Congress (ANC) party to fight vaccine hesitancy in communities.

It was gathered that nearly 40% of South Africa’s adult population has been fully vaccinated, higher than in many other African countries but less than the government had hoped for by this stage.

“We can do better as South Africans, so I therefore urge all of us who have not yet been vaccinated, let us go out in our great numbers (and get the vaccine),” Ramaphosa said.

“The recovery of our economy is very much dependent on many of us being vaccinated.”

“We now need to give our people an incentive to go and be vaccinated, because that is the only defence and shield that we have,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ANC is due to hold a leadership contest at the end of this year at which Ramaphosa is expected to seek re-election.