South Africa’s Opposition Leader, Malema Renews Solidarity With Palestine At EFF Launch


South Africa’s opposition leader, Julius Malema has renewed renewed his commitment towards the people of Palestine and claimed support for Russia, saying that “NATO is disguising as Ukraine”.

Malema, who stated this during the launch of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) election manifesto at the 56,000-capacity Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday.

EFF is the third largest political party in South Africa.

“We thank you, the people of South Africa, for loving the people of Palestine. Continue to show them love against apartheid Israel.

“Russia is our home and…Palestinian is our home, and Palestinians must know they’ve got a home in South Africa. We will never retreat. We are not scared of the Jewish power.”

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters took a swipe at Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accusing him of being a “warlord”.

The military campaign conducted in Gaza by Israel’s war cabinet has killed over 27,000 Palestinians and wounded over 66, 000.

“The people of Palestine are not against the Jewish nation. The people of Palestine do not want to kill Jewish women and children.

“The people of Palestine want their self-determination. If there is anyone who is killing innocent people, that’s (Israeli Prime Minister) Netanyahu. He’s a warlord, an international criminal, and he must be charged.”

The date for this year’s general elections is yet to be announced.

Land redistribution and the country’s electricty crisis are top priorities for the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Their slogan was announced as “Jobs and land now! Stop load-shedding”.

The EFF is popular among many disenchanted South Africans, especially the youth, due to its radical policies which include the expropriation of white-owned land and the nationalisation of mines and banks.

Malema announced the Economic Freedom Fighters slogan for the coming elections as “Jobs and land now! Stop load-shedding”.

A former ANC youth leader who was expelled from the party before forming his own, Malema is among the ruling party’s staunchest critics and an outspoken lawmaker who has become a thorn on the side of the ANC and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.