South Sudan Set To Re-Open Schools Next Week As Heatwave Passes


South Sudan’s government said all schools will reopen next week due to a severe heatwave that’s seen temperatures soar well above 40C.

People are relieved that the rainy season is expected to begin soon. At least 15 people died because of last week’s “excessive heat”, according to the authorities.

They say teachers should remain cautious when students return, keeping any playground activities to the early morning and holding them preferably indoors.

The advice is also to ventilate classrooms, provide water for learners during school time, and monitor children – especially the young ones – for signs of heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, and alert medics in the eventuality of such cases.

The ministries of general education, health, and environment said they will continue to closely observe the weather conditions in South Sudan and will advise the public accordingly.