South Sudan: UN Advisor calls on donors to change approach on IDPs crisis


Robert Piper, the United Nations Special Advisor to the Secretary-General, has urged donors to change their approach in addressing the issue of internal displacement of persons (IDPs) in South Sudan.

Piper, who was in the country to check on the plight of IDPs, emphasized that “No one should have to live in a camp for so long,” and added, “No child should live years with the uncertainty of not knowing where home is or not feeling safe.

“He met with senior government officials, including the Vice President for Youth and Gender Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng, and the Minister of Finance and Planning, Dier Tong Ngor, among others.

Piper also urged the government to take up the opportunity of the UN Secretary-General’s Agenda on Internal Displacement to change the lives of its IDPs.

The Agenda, introduced in 2022, has three main objectives: to better avoid the emergence of new displacement crises, protection, and finding long-term solutions to the challenges facing IDPs.

Conflict, subnational violence, and climate change are among the causes of displacement for IDPs in South Sudan. According to a UN report, South Sudan currently has 2.2 million internally displaced persons, many of whom have been traveling around for many years.