Spangler Market, a foremost online retail market service in Nigeria has reiterated her commitment to ensure further projection of small-scale enterprises to meet customers needs through promotion of online visibility.

This was made at the unveiling of the E-Commerce website and app on Saturday in Abuja, Nigeria by Purity Abhulimhen, the CEO of Spangler Integrated Services Ltd. While addressing reporters present at the event, she stated that it is a further step closer to making lives convenient for customers who can now shop at their convenience and sellers display their wares without stress.

She further stated that the website and app are available for businesses to upload their market freely for a year. She also disclosed that the project is a result of relentless team effort to create a better market for small-scale entrepreneurs to make their services visible for buyers in Nigeria and abroad

In her words, “Spangler fuels thousands of small businesses worldwide with products and technology to vitalize their online presence. Every decision we make comes back to finding new ways to give small business owners the tools they need to get online and grow. That unwavering focus is what’s helped us grow to over 400,000 Sellers & Buyers around the world. And we’re just getting started.”

“Our Entrepreneurs are your neighborhood foodstuff sellers, make-up artists, skin therapists, fashion designers, plumbers, graphic artists, food truckers, and all the small business owners that breathe life into our economy and enrich our communities. To make this new development readily available for our entrepreneurs, we ensured that the first year of creating a market space for your business on our website and app is free”, she added.

The E-commerce website and app, originally created on June 13, 2019, has been upgraded to adequately meet the rising demands of buyers and sellers across different countries in the world.