Stephen tWitch Boss’ body found in hotel bathroom by maid after he missed checkout time


The body of American dancer, Stephen “tWitch” Boss has been found in a hotel bathroom by a maid after he missed checkout time.

The dancer and DJ had checked into an Encino hotel on Monday, Dec. 12, without a car and on Tuesday, Dec 13, when he didn’t check out at 11 AM the manager at Oak Tree Inn sent the maid to his room and she gained entrance with her key.

The manager told the publication that the maid found the star’s body in the bathroom.

After informing the manager about the horrific scene, he dialed 911 to report a shooting.

Despite reports, he revealed no gunshots were heard.

The manager said no visible suicide note was left, but tWitch had a small bag with him when he arrived at the hotel, which was found in his room at the time of his death.

He said that the police confiscated the bag, which could possibly contain a suicide note.

However, the hotel is just a 14-minute walk from tWitch’s Los Angeles home.