Sudan’s Al-Burhan Announces Limited Cabinet Reshuffle


Sudanese Sovereign Council Chairman Abdel Fattah al-Burhan has made a significant move on Thursday by reshuffling the cabinet.

This decision resulted in the removal of five ministers, one of whom is a relative of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The motivation behind these changes stems from the increasing dissatisfaction with the caretaker government’s performance, specifically its inability to provide essential services amidst the ongoing conflict.

This reshuffling is aimed at addressing these concerns and improving the government’s effectiveness in serving the people.

Al-Burhan also dismissed the Minister of Energy and Oil, Mohamed Abdallah Mahmoud; the Minister of Transport, Hisham Ahmed Ali Abu Zaid; the Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform, Souad Al-Tayeb; and the Minister of Trade and Supply, Amal Saleh Saad.

To replace them, al-Burhan appointed Mohieddin Naeem as Minister of Energy and Mining, Al-Fateh Abdallah Youssif as Minister of Trade and Supply, Abubakr Abu Al-Qasim as Minister of Transport, and Ahmed Ali Abdel Rahman as Minister of Labor and Administrative Reform.

All the ministers appointed are technocrats, such as Mohieddin Naeem, who served as Director of Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Mining and Director of the Ministry’s Petroleum Training Center.

Following the coup d’état of October 25, 2021, the military leaders appointed technocrat ministers to replace those nominated by the Forces for Freedom and Change, while the armed groups signatories of the Juba peace agreement kept their positions.