Taliban Militants declare ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’


The Taliban militants have declared the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ after capturing the Air force, Army bases and the presidential palace of the country on Sunday, August 15.

This was after US, UK and Western nations had hastily evacuated their citizens and diplomatic staff out of the country.

This also comes after Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani departed the country on Sunday as the Taliban advanced further into the capital Kabul.

Taliban fighters entered Kabul and demanded the total surrender of the central government.

According to the footage on social media, the militants were seen celebrating as they took over the Bagram airbase, the heavily fortified military base that has housed US troops the last two decades.

Helicopters could also be seen racing overhead throughout the day to evacuate personnel from the US and UK Embassy while smoke rose near the embassy compound as staff destroyed important sensitive documents.

Many cities fell to the Taliban without a fight after tribal elders stepped in to negotiate the withdrawal of government forces in order to avoid bloodshed.

The militants informed foreigners in Kabul to either leave or register their presence with Taliban administrators.

Thousands of Afghan nationals were also seen rushing to the Pakistan border on Sunday, in a move signalling the end of the 20-year intervention by the US and NATO after the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington DC.

With the recent development, it is expected that the Taliban will now restart it’s hardcore Islamic rule in the country where women don’t come out during the day and if they no part of their body or face must show and they must walk with either thier husband or father.