Tension remains high in Garissa as police probe killing


Tension remained high for the better part of Sunday at Kunaso area as police in Garissa launched investigations following an incident where a 45-year-old man was shot dead by unknown gunmen.

The man whose identity was not revealed by the police was ambushed by the gun men at his home.

The gunmen reportedly asked the man to come out of his house before ordering him to surrender and then they shot him dead at close range before disappearing.

Terrified close family members who witnessed the killing but who did not wish to speak to the media, said the deceased was taken outside his house where he was shot dead.

“The whole incident took less than three minutes. He was shot five times in the head and abdomen with his hands raised. We are still shocked and traumatised by the unfortunate turn of events,” said one of the family members.

Police said the motive behind the killing of the father of five is not clear, also the identity of the killers is yet to be established.

Speculation are however rife that it is connected to the land conflicts that has been common in the area.

Reached for comment, Garissa County Commissioner Boaz Cherutich in a text said investigation were ongoing on the mater.

“The motive of murder is still not known but police are pursuing crucial leads. We are cautioning individuals who are inciting communities that they will be arrested. Normalcy has returned and police are patrolling the area,” he said in a short text.

Speaking separately, Human rights defenders led by MUHURI County Coordinator Abdishukri Jelle condemned the killings accusing the government of dragging its feet to apprehend the killers.

“It must be noted that this is not the first time that such an incident is happening in this place. We have had several incidences before. Unfortunately we don’t see the government arresting the criminals who continue to walk scot free,” Jelle said.

Garissa County MUHURI Coordinator Abdishukri Jelle Speaking to the press on Sunday.
He added, “We cannot have external threats in the name of al Shabaab and again have internal one where gun wielding militia just decide to kill people at will as if there is no government. As human right defenders, we want to see arrests of people behind these incidents. The government has the machinery to do this,” he said.

He wondered why the government would invest resources to deploy security officers in Somalia when it cannot guarantee its citizen security in the country.

“The million dollar question is what is the logic behind investing resources and deploying security officers in Somalia and in Garissa killing is rampant? What happen to the implementation of Article 238? We urge the law enforcement agencies to do their job as per their mandate and protect its citizens for them to enjoy their rights.”

The incident comes barely three weeks after a Form 3 student was killed and a primary school student sustained serious injuries after gunmen sprayed bullets indiscriminately.

Two weeks ago, Northeastern regional Commissioner John Otieno issued stern warning to the gun wielding militias terrorising residents.

This was after an incident in Bulamzuri sublocation, near Kunaso where one person identified as Ahmed Dekow Hilowle was shot dead.