Terrorist Attack Hits Tunisia, Guard Officer Killed, Another Wounded (Read Details)


A Terrorist attack have hit Tunisia taking place in the tourist district of the coastal city of Sousse where attackers with knives have reportedly killed a Tunisian National Guard officer and wounded another Sunday before three assailants were shot dead in a firefight, the security force said, labelling it a “terrorist” act.

In line with media report, the site has been recorded as the worst of several jihadist attacks in recent years, where 38 people, most of them Britons, were killed in a 2015 beachside shooting rampage.

According to the National Guard, spokesman Houcem Eddine Jebabli, “a patrol of two National Guard officers was attacked with a knife in the centre of Sousse,” 140 kilometres (80 miles) south of the capital Tunis.

“One died as a martyr and the other was wounded and is hospitalised,” he said, adding that “this was a terrorist attack”.

The attackers had first rammed the officers of the national gendarmerie with a vehicle, said the interior ministry in a statement.

After the knife attack, security forces pursued the assailants, who had taken the officers’ guns and vehicle, through the Akouda district of the city’s tourist area of El-Kantaoui, said Jebabli.

“In a firefight three terrorists were killed,” he said, adding that security forces “managed to recover” the car and two pistols the assailants had stolen.

Photo Source: Al Jazeera