Tragic Incident as 30-Year-Old Man commits Suicide in Jigawa


A shocking incident unfolded in Jigawa as a 30-year-old man, Usman Sanigoga, from Akula Quarters in Babura Local Government Area, was discovered hanging in his home.

The spokesman for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Jigawa, Mr. Adamu Shehu, confirmed the unfortunate event on Thursday.

According to Shehu, Sanigoga’s spouse made the distressing discovery when she returned from a social visit on Wednesday.

As she entered their bedroom, she found her husband hanging from the ceiling.

Earlier that day, Sanigoga, who worked as a photographer, had dropped her off at a relative’s house around 2 p.m. with the intention of returning later in the evening to bring her home.

When Sanigoga failed to show up, his spouse attempted to reach him through his cell phone but received no response.

Concerned, she decided to take a commercial motorcycle back home.

Upon arriving, she discovered the house locked and sought assistance from the motorcyclist to enter by scaling over the fence and unlocking the main entrance.

Once inside, she was confronted with the distressing sight of her husband’s body hanging from the bedroom ceiling.

Overwhelmed, she lost consciousness, and it was the motorcyclist who called for help, prompting neighbors to rush to the scene, as recounted to the NSCDC.

The lifeless body was swiftly transported to a hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced Sanigoga dead upon arrival.

Shehu further revealed that close associates of Sanigoga informed the NSCDC that he had been grappling with a recurring mental disorder.

Neighbors shared that the couple had been married for approximately four months and had been living harmoniously before this tragic incident.

The NSCDC has initiated a thorough investigation into the case, while the deceased has been laid to rest in accordance with Islamic rites.