Tshwane fires 21 ill-disciplined staff in three months


The City of Tshwane, which has a large workforce of 20,000 employees has relieved 21 staff of their duties as result of ill-discipline.

The MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin said: 21 staff were fired between April and June this year for ill-discipline in the municipality.

“As a major employer with over 20 000 employees, the City of Tshwane is committed to ensuring that we keep productive and healthy working relationships with our workforce.”

He added:

“This healthy working relationship is within the confines of the collective agreement. This includes disciplinary policy and procedures of the municipality.”

He disclosed:

“At this stage, the City has loaded 248 disciplinary cases. 56 of those have been finalised between April and June this year.

“This includes the 21 dismissals, five suspensions without pay, five final written warnings and one written warning. Further sanctions include 14 informal hearings, two counselling matters and eight cases were withdrawn.

“The perception that Tshwane does not deal with ill-disciplined officials is not true. While most of our employees are dedicated and hard-working, there are a few cases of ill-discipline in the organisation. We want to assure residents that where there is a proven case of wrongdoing, the city takes strong action.”

He affirmed that he will continue to maintain harmonious relationships within the City of Tshwane’s employees.

“However, we will not tolerate any employee that breaks the law or is found wanting in the execution of his/her duties. In the same breath, I want to applaud the many men and women who work diligently every day and remain committed to ensuring that we have a city that works,” the MMC asserted.