Tunisia Detains Dozens of Irregular Migrants


In a bid to prevent migrants from sub-Saharan Africa from crossing into Europe, Tunisia carried out a significant operation resulting in the arrest of numerous irregular migrants.

Fawzi Al-Masmoudi, spokesperson for the Court of First Instance in Sfax, a southern city in Tunisia, confirmed that 34 individuals were detained for illegally entering the North African nation.

Furthermore, he stated, “Twenty-three migrants were also arrested for illegal residency in the country.”

Adding to the arrests, authorities took four Tunisians into custody for harboring foreign nationals without notifying local authorities.

This action follows recent clashes between local residents and migrants in Sfax, resulting in the tragic loss of one life.

In response to the tensions, Tunisian President Kais Saied attributed the irregular migration operations in Sfax to “criminal networks.”

The North African countries of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, and Morocco have long witnessed attempts by migrants, primarily from sub-Saharan Africa, to reach Europe in search of improved living conditions.

Tunisian authorities reported that in 2022 alone, they apprehended over 37,000 irregular migrants.

The recent crackdown serves as a measure to address the issue and curb unauthorized migration.