Two Israeli Tourists, Local Guide Shot Dead By Egypt Policeman


Israeli Local media and her authorities has confirmed Two Israeli tourists shot dead by an Egyptian police officer on Sunday.

The shooting comes on the back of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, where militants broke through an Israeli barbed wire fence which separated Israel from the poor Palestinian enclave on the border of Egypt.

The attack has left hundreds dead on both sides of the barrier, where Palestinian militants raided Israeli cities and towns across the areas surrounding Gaza.

The officer, who is a police secretary responsible for securing tourist areas, reportedly fired his weapon at the group in the Mansheya area in Alexandria.

Extra News TV channel in Egypt reported that another person was also injured in the attack.

Egyptian security forces have begun investigating the matter, following the breakout of violence in the country, which officially has a peace deal with Israel.

To the north of the country on Sunday, militant forces have also begun shelling Israel from Lebanon with rockets. It is believed to be an attack from the militant group Hezbollah; this could mean that the Shi’ite group backed by Iran could begin a northern incursion on Israel.

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) channels on Telegram messenger report that Hezbollah is reportedly using Ababil 2 drones made by Iran.

Late at night on October 7, Israel continued its attacks on Gaza with missile strikes on several buildings and the Al-Amin Mohammad Mosque in Khan Unis.