UAE Continues Humanitarian Efforts, Provides Relief Aid to Sudan


In a display of unwavering support, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues its humanitarian efforts by providing relief aid to Sudan, aiding those affected by the ongoing crisis and offering assistance to displaced individuals.

Over the past two days, three aircraft dispatched by the UAE carried approximately 52 tonnes of essential food supplies.

Two of these aircraft successfully landed in Chad, while one arrived in Port Sudan.

Adding to their relief efforts, an aid ship from the UAE, loaded with 1,000 tonnes of food and other supplies, reached Suakin Port in east Sudan last Friday.

The delivery ceremony was attended by esteemed dignitaries, including Hamad Mohammed Al Jneibi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Sudan, Ahmed Adam Bakhit, Sudan’s Minister of Social Development, Fathallah Al Hajj, Designated Governor of the Red Sea State in Sudan, representatives from the Central Higher Committee, the Humanitarian Aid Commission, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan.

Upon the ship’s arrival, Ambassador Al Jneibi expressed his appreciation for the strong UAE-Sudan relations.

He emphasized the UAE’s proactive role in extending humanitarian aid to Sudan, safeguarding civilians, and promptly assisting friendly nations during times of crisis.

In response, the Sudanese Minister of Social Development commended the UAE’s steadfast support, emphasizing that the aid shipments reflect the deep-rooted ties between the two nations.

He extended his gratitude to the government and people of the UAE for their unwavering support to the Sudanese population.

To alleviate the suffering caused by the conflict in Sudan and provide assistance to Sudanese refugees in Chad, the UAE allocated a substantial sum of $50 million for the humanitarian response.

In addition to financial support, the UAE dispatched 18 aid aircraft and one ship carrying a total of 1,572 tonnes of food and medical supplies to Sudan.

Recognizing the challenges faced by Sudanese citizens residing in the UAE, the competent UAE authorities took significant measures to support them.

As of April 15, 2023, Sudanese citizens were exempted from fines imposed under the Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners.

The UAE authorities have also been diligently overseeing their well-being and ensuring they are properly settled until their return to their home country.