Uganda Police Arrest 40 In Bobi Wine Crackdown


Uganda’s police have hailed their operation to prevent supporters of opposition leader Bobi Wine from welcoming him back to the country a “success”.

On Thursday, his supporters had planned to greet him at Entebbe International Airport and accompany him to his home about 50 km (30 miles) away in a huge march, but the police said this was illegal.

The security forces say that as part of their operation they arrested 40 suspects, including an MP, “for inciting violence”.

“Joint deployments, including both overt and covert officers, were strategically positioned, and snap checkpoints were established on all roads leading to Entebbe… Various items intended for use in processions, such as red berets, handheld megaphone speakers, and white and red [party] T-shirts… were recovered and exhibited,” the police said in a statement.

On Thursday, Bobi Wine said he was “grabbed” by “goons” and put under house arrest on his return from South Africa.

But the police denied arresting the 41-year-old singer-turned-politician saying he was merely “escorted” home.