Uganda won’t support homosexuality – President Museveni


The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni has asserted that the country will not embrace homosexuality and the West should stop seeking to impose its views to compel dissenting countries to “normalise” what he called “deviations”.

Officiating at the national celebrations to mark Janani Luwum Day at Wii-Gweng village in Mucwini Sub-County, Kitgum District, Museveni said “we are not going to follow people who are lost. These Europeans are not normal, they don’t listen”.

“We have been telling them ‘please, this problem of homosexuality is not something that you should normalise and celebrate. They (Western countries) don’t listen, they don’t respect other people’s views and they want to turn the abnormal into normal and force it on others. We shall not agree.”

The President’s remarks, which drew applause from congregants, were in response to pleas by the Church of Uganda Archbishop, His Grace Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, for the government to join the Church in condemning homosexuality and legislate against it.

The Prelate said:

“Now we request you to give attention to what you have already started because we have homosexuals and other vices attacking our nation. Like late (Archbishop) Luwum was bold, we want to call out government to be bold and come out to fight all these vices that will kill our nation.”

According to the United Nations, Uganda is among the 77 countries that criminalise gay and lesbian practices.