UK Govt Unveils Tougher Visa Rules, Bans Care Workers From Bringing Families


The United Kingdom has unveiled a tougher visa rules which is aimed at curbing migration to the country.

United Kingdom Home Secretary, James Cleverly said the government announced the 5-point plan to cut immigration which includes banning care workers from bringing over their families and raising the minimum salary for a skilled worker visa after record net migration in 2022 piled pressure on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to act.

According to Cleverly the annual net migration to the UK hit a record of 745,000 last year and has stayed at high levels since, data showed last month.

Cleverly, who also serves as Interior Minister said on Monday that the government would raise the minimum salary threshold for foreign skilled workers to £38,700 from its current level of £26,200.

It is also reported that as part of measures aimed at curbing migration, overseas care workers will not be able to bring family dependants, to end the “abuse of the health & care visa”.