Unknown Gunmen Shoot 15 People Dead In South Sudan


At least 15 people have been killed by unidentified assailants in South Sudan’s Pibor region, including the commissioner, according to a senior official on Wednesday.

This incident marks an escalation of violence within the country.

South Sudan has been battling with internal conflicts and has faced significant turmoil since gaining independence from Sudan.

The strife, primarily along ethnic lines between Dinkas and Nuers, resulted in widespread casualties from 2013 to 2018.

The fatal attack occurred on Tuesday as the commissioner of Boma County in Pibor was returning from a village visit.

“The commissioner and his team visited Nyat village, and upon their return, they were ambushed, resulting in the deaths of 15 individuals, including the commissioner,” stated Abraham Kelang, the information minister of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

Kelang indicated that the perpetrators are suspected to be youths from the Anyuak community within the region.

Those killed included Boma’s deputy army commander, government officials, and the commissioner’s bodyguards.

Despite a peace deal brokered in 2018, clashes persist among various armed groups, leading to civilian casualties and displacement. The Greater Pibor Administrative Area remains particularly affected by such violence.

Boma County, predominantly inhabited by the Murle ethnic group, frequently experiences sporadic violence, sometimes involving the Murle, Anyuak, Nuer, or Dinka communities from neighbouring Jonglei State.

The recurring conflicts underscore the persistent challenges facing South Sudan in achieving lasting peace and stability.