‘Unmasked Her Truth’ Empowers Over 100 Women Emotionally


No fewer than 100 women enjoyed emotional support provided by a women empowerment initiative, UnmaskedHer Truth, over the weekend.

The event tagged The Queens Hangout, was held at Ebute-Metta, as women shared their sober stories and experiences.

Ms. Defunke Adewunmi, an advocate for positive change and the convener of the event, praised women for massively coming out to share their thoughts.

“The dream of this initiative came about weeks ago to which we aim to talk more about women. It was amazing seeing women rise and show massive interest in the event.”

“We intend to take this initiative beyond this stage with the utmost aim to not just empower women but constantly create a support platform where they feel unashamed of whatever situation they might be going through”, she added.

Chioma Okpala, an experienced emotional intelligence coach and broadcaster with Inspiration 92.3 FM, spoke on ‘Her Body, Her Confidence’.

Tolu Meduna, the author of ‘Escape Mental Torture’, talked about the emotional state of women with the topic “Abuse: Her Future Relationship and Trust Issues.”

The multiple award-winning beauty therapist, Olabisi Atanda enlightened participants on “Her femininity: Culture myth around her sexuality.”

Siju Yusuf also spoke on ‘Her Relationships: Her Purpose in Marriage and Beyond’.

Onyinye Okwuofu-Okocha, who spoke on how women can succeed financially in her topic ‘Her finances: femininity in strength and freedom’, said it was a privilege to speak at the event.

She stated that women have the strength to be impactful in their world and called for strategic collaborations to lift each other.

“I believe that as women and queens, we have the innate capacity to wield and command financial resources, to determine our economic narrative and make a big impact in our world.”

“It’s time to come together, to collaborate and build great things together, be strategic about our existence, and pursue destiny-defining goals.”

She also encouraged women to build legacies with their strength.

“Use the strength in our femininity to create global empires as we lift each other.”

“Irrespective of what your trajectory has been or the curve balls life may have thrown at you that might inhibit you, today is a new day and a defining moment in your history.”

“Decide to exude and exercise your strength as a female to build great legacies”, she said.

One of the participants, simply identified as Karimat, was overjoyed at the ecstatic atmosphere she witnessed at the event.

She said, “The experience I had cannot be explained, the love the warmth, the peace, learning, relearning and unlearning.”

“The laughter and the hugs, I had an experience that will stay with me forever.”

Another participant, Nkechi Idiaye, praised the convener and speakers at the event.

She said one session, in particular, appealed to her as she had been making some research on the topic before the session.

“I believe in supporting a vision that resonates with me. One of the speakers worked me, unknown to her.”

“She said a lot of women lately exude masculine energy and aura and it’s a turn off for the menfolk. She talked about the feminine power, how a lot of women do not know how to manifest their feminine energy.”

“If you understand the mystery of the feminine power and energy, you will know how to balance your masculine energy in such a way it does not supersede your feminine energy. Very few women understand this.”

“I wished she had stayed on that subject and expanded it because our reality is, too many women are manifesting masculine energy and suppressing their feminine energy and power

Defunke, who is the CEO of The food Sense Shop and Black Diamonds Support Group, further revealed that participants will be eligible for some opportunities during the event and after.

“We’ll approach banks for SME loans to empower women. We’ll be having a Girls Trip which will be a place where we can talk and unburden some of the life issues we’re going through.”

“We have realized that within the short time that this group has been on, people have been talking and unmasking. We just hope that they continue, so that they can bring other women to the actualization of who they ought to be in society”, she concluded.

By Adenike Fagbemi