US deploys military to prepare for Sudan evacuation


The United States has made move for possible evacuation of US Embassy personnel from Sudan.

Two Biden administration officials said the deployments were necessary as fighting rages between two warring factions.

In a statement on Thursday, the Pentagon said it will deploy “additional capabilities” to the region to potentially help facilitate an evacuation of embassy personnel from Sudan if required, but provided no details, and did not state the location.

Security conditions in Khartoum and elsewhere have thus far prevented the State Department from implementing a so-called “ordered departure,” a move that would require staffers to leave the country.

It came as the head of Sudan’s military has ruled out negotiations with the powerful paramilitary it is battling for control of the country instead calling for the surrender of the Rapid Support Forces.

General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the RSF leader, commonly known as Hemedti, offered a truce for the Muslim holiday of Eid, which starts on Thursday, but said he would not sit with Gen Burhan, whom he called a criminal.

It should be recalled that fighting between the rival generals erupted on Saturday after talks on handing power to a civilian government broke down.

A second 24-hour ceasefire declared on Wednesday evening was also broken within minutes in many parts of the capital Khartoum, residents said.

At least 330 people have been killed and 3,300 wounded in the fighting since it began on Saturday, the UN’s World Health Organisation said.