US Slams Somali Islamist Network With Sanctions


The US Department of the Treasury said on Monday it was taking action to “support the Somali government” in their “campaign to degrade the deadly terrorist group” Al-Shabab.

It said the militant group which is linked to al-Qaeda and once controlled much of Somalia, is now classed as a “transnational money-laundering network” by Washington.

Sixteen people and companies in the Horn of Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus are targeted by the new US sanctions – which accuse them of money-laundering and deprive them of the right to own property in the US or have any business dealings with US citizens.

Among those sanctioned by the US are: Haleel Commodities L.L.C,
Qemat Al Najah General Trading,
Faysal Yusuf Dini,
Hassan Abdirahman Mahamed, and Farhan Hussein Hayder.

It is not known if they intend to appeal.