We must all make sacrifices for Nigeria’s progress – Tinubu


Nigerians have been charged to commit to making sacrifices for the progress and stability of the country.

President Bola Tinubu said this during an interview on Wednesday in Lagos after the Eld-el-Kabir prayers.

He called upon both leaders and followers to adopt attitudes that would propel the nation to greater heights.

Tinubu stressed the need for deliberate commitment from both leadership and citizens alike.

“May our sacrifices turn to prosperity. We have to make sacrifices and that is clear.

But Allah will not give you the burden that you cannot carry; He will not. He is there for you”.

“Have faith in the country, have faith in yourselves, believing as a citizen of this country that it will be well with us.

You must join hands to live together without religious or tribal sentiments. Live with one another in joy and prosperity”.

“Nigeria will see peace and stability and God will grant those in the warfront victory and peace and spare their lives,” Tinubu said.

He pledged his commitment to the revitalization of Nigeria to ensure that all Nigerians enjoy the dividends of democracy during his tenure.

The president urged Nigerians to celebrate the festival in love, peace and brotherhood, adding that Nigeria would be great again.