We’ve seized assets and drugs worth N500b from barons – Chairman, NDLEA


The Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa Rtd has revealed that since he took over in January 2021, the agency has seized assets and drugs worth N500 billion from barons.

Speaking at the NDLEA national headquarters in Abuja, Marwa disclosed that an officer of the agency was killed in Sokoto last week, the NDLEA Chairman warned that unrepentant drug barons and cartels will face tougher times in 2023 if they fail to back out of the illicit drug business.

He said:

“The seizure of assets combined with drugs is a rough figure of N500 billion. Of course the value of the drugs is up in smoke because we burn it all.

“One of our officers was killed in action last week. What happens in the various communities is that some of the barons build schools, clinics and they give scholarships. They try to demonstrate to the communities that they are indispensable partners and helpers. So when we go into such communities, they also arm some of their militants. So when we go into these communities for operations, they respond in favour of the barons and we get casualties.

“What is important though is that we never allow any single incident to go unpunished. We never allow any of our personnel killed to be killed in vain. We always go after them.”

On convictions recorded, Marwa stated:

“Of the conviction figure, 2,346 were recorded in 2022 alone, which is the highest in the history of the Agency and almost doubled the highest ever recorded in the 33 years of NDLEA. This is not happenchance but a result of professionalism, determination, commitment and hard work of our officers, men and women.”