Why Nakhumicha’s OCS transfer ‘order’ was ignored


Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has waded into Health CS Susan Nakhumicha’s failed OCS transfer ‘directive’.

Speaking on Thursday, Natembeya said that the move was a blunder.

” It is a controversial issue. She said that Kenya Kwanza government works and speaks as one but I think she was wrong because that is why we have 22 Cabinet Secretaries, each with the responsibility assigned to them by the President,” he noted.

” That is why even after she made the ‘order’ she was ignored, ” Natembeya added during a interview at NTV.

Explaining matters of security officers, the Governor noted the public officers are not transferred in public forums such as funerals.

Natembeya said that such moves can discourage other officers and feel targeted.

He noted that duties such as transfers are handled by the Inspector General of the Police Service.

” Even when the President wants to do something with the officers, he has to do so in writing and that is why Nakhumicha was of the mark,” Natembeya added.

Nakhumicha last month ‘ordered’ the transfer of Matisi OCS in Trans Nzoia county in what she termed as “one government approach”.

The CS was speaking during the burial ceremony of a popular bouncer who was killed in Kitale during anti-government protests.

“In the government we serve, we are doing something called ‘one-government approach’. It does not require the presence of Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to transfer the OCS in this area,” Nakhumicha said.

She said as a representative of the President, she has the power to transfer an OCS in her capacity as a Cabinet Secretary.

“So I’m here and I’m giving an order, county commandant if you are here or you can hear me from wherever you are, by tomorrow (Sunday) the Matisi OCS should be gone.”

She said her instructions are final and all that remains is for her to notify Kindiki about it.