Wife accuses Husband of Sexually Molesting their 9 Month Old Son


A woman has taken to Facebook to accuse her husband-of-1-year of sexually molesting their 9 month old son.

Onyinye Onome, in a series of Facebook posts and live videos, alleged that her life is in danger. She alleged that her husband, Chukwutem Victor Inalu, has the backing of powerful men.

She revealed that she didn’t date her husband for long before marrying him.

When she started suspecting her husband was into men she told his family but they didn’t do anything about it.

However, she said in a Facebook live video that an answer she got from one of his relatives made her suspicious that they were aware.

Furthermore, she explained that she came out to the sitting room one day and saw her husband and son lying naked with her son touching her husband’s penis and when she warned him about it, he laughed it off.

According to her, she later noticed her son was in severe pains and took him to the hospital where it was confirmed that he was sexually molested.

She added that her son was also pooing blood and had scars in his anus.

In addition she accused the doctor in the General Hospital she took her son to of trying to prevent her from getting justice. She disclosed that he staged a fake human rights activist to handle the case.

She further alleged that she has an audio evidence of this.

Onome called on Nigerians to help her get justice for her son. She says he hardly sleeps, is always crying out of pain, and can barely sit.

She stated that her life is in danger and her husband should be held responsible if anything happens to her.
She put out his number online for good measure.