Zanu-PF says it’s on target to win Zim election, but opposition’s Chamisa is optimistic too


Tensions are rising in Zimbabwe as the poll results from the general election begin to trickle in.

Addressing journalists at a press conference late Thursday evening in Harare, Zanu-PF treasurer-general Patrick Chinamasa said the ruling party was leading in the polls. And Zimbabweans should not listen to main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa as he “seeks to disturb the peace”.

“I want to thank the electorate for heeding the call from our president to conduct the election in a peaceful manner and not to respond to provocation from the opposition. On the basis of the results we have, Zanu-PF is on target of achieving two-thirds majority in the National Assembly of parliament. As Zanu-PF we are also on target of achieving 60%- 65% for our president in this election,” said Chinamasa.

“The public is advised strongly not to listen to the rantings of Chamisa, he is seeking to disturb the peace. He [Chamisa] has been claiming that he won — that is a lie, a falsehood. He also been saying he will not accept the results — he is entitled to his opinion. It’s very clear that Chamisa is seeking a breach of the peace.

“Any incitement to violence, he [Chamisa] will have to face up to law enforcement agencies. Zanu-PF and its supporters have no responsibility to maintain peace and order in this country; it is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. And when he should seek to disturb the peace, he must know the consequences when faced by law enforcement agencies.

“Given the utterances he has been making, which indicate the direction he wants to go, l am confident that law enforcement agencies are well-equipped to deal with any eventuality as far disturbing the peace is concerned.”

On Thursday morning, parliamentary results started to be announced.

The presidency contest is a race between incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa and the main opposition leader, Chamisa of the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC).

On his social media page, Chamisa has been posting victory messages saying he is winning the election.

“Against all odds! We’re winning,” said a hopeful Chamisa.

“Elections results must unite us and be respected. #OnePeople.”

All roads leading to the electoral body command centre at the Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare have been barricaded by the police. Riot police are also stationed outside the command centre.