Zimbabwe: 900K left for diaspora between 2020 – 2021


Zimbabwe government has revealed that over 900,000 Zimbabweans have emigrated from the country to international destinations between 2020 to 2021.

According to the Information Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa the reasons for migrating to other countries were family matters, pursuance of education and training.

Mutsvangwa said statistics showed that 84% of the emigrants were between ages 15 to 39.

She stated:

“Males were generally dominant across all age groups, save for the 65-year-old and above.

“The highest numbers of emigrants were reported between 2020 and 2021. South Africa is the major destination of emigrants, at 85%, followed by Botswana (5%) and United Kingdom (3%).

“At the time of departure, 64% of emigrants had completed lower secondary education, while 8% had completed upper secondary education. Education/training and family matters were the major reasons for emigrating from Zimbabwe.

“Harare province had the highest number of lifetime in-migrants (1 037 907), while Manicaland province had the largest number of lifetime out-migrants (586 930).” Mutsvangwa also told journalists that government was planning to expand the National Heroes Acre as it now has only 34 graves left.

“The nation is being informed that the National Heroes Acre at its establishment had 195 graves. Forty-two (42) years later, 161 graves have been utilised leaving 34. It, is therefore, important that an additional 104 graves be created to ensure that the national shrine is able to accommodate new burials at all times.”